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The SmartHubs OpenData Platform (ODP) is an online platform to get all the information about the data collected in the living labs and existing mobility hubs.

Contribute Mobility Hubs to the platforms which can be learning cases for other practitioners, compare your mobility hub on the SmartHubs Ladder and download the data for further analyses.


To access the Open Data Platform please visit:

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Deutsche Übersetzung:
Die SmartHubs Leiter - Beschreibung der multidimensionalen Mobilitätshubtypologie
Hauptautoren: Karst Geurs, Karla Münzel

Deliverable D4.1
Setup and evaluation framework of Living Labs

Authors: David Duran, Aaron Nichols, Benjamin Büttneraguet, Yusak Susilo

SmartHubs Deliverable D 4.1

Deliverable D3.1
Guidelines for the integration of mobility hubs into the urban space

Authors: David Durán, Fernanda Navarro, Joelean Hall, Aaron Nichols, Benjamin Büttner, Jelten Baguet, Yusak Susilo

SmartHubs Deliverable D 3.1

Deliverable D2.2
Synthesis of KPIs to evaluate mobility hubs

Authors: Jesse Pappers, Lluis Martinez Ramirez, Imre Keserü

SmartHubs Deliverable D 2.2

French version:
L’échelle d’intégration SmartHubs – description de la typologie pluridimensionnelle des pôles de mobilité

Auteurs principaux: Karst Geurs, Karla Münzel

Integration of shared transport at a public transport stop: mode choice intentions of different user segments at a mobility hub 

Authors: Johan Horjus, Konstantinos Gkiotsalitis, Sandra Nijënstein, Karst Geurs

Published paper

Integration of shared transport at a public transport stop: the intention to use means of transport in a multimodal transport system 

Author: Johan Horjus

MSc. Thesis Project


International Symposium on Inclusive Mobility Hub

Held on May 19th in The Hague

Slides of the presentations

A multidimensional mobility hub typology and Inventory

Lead authors: Karst Geurs,  Karla Münzel

SmartHubs Deliverable D 2.1