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SmartHubs Stakeholder Workshop in Brussels

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On Monday, 16 October 2023, the Smarthubs Stakeholders Workshop took place in Brussels! 

The Smarthubs Stakeholders Workshop, a collaborative effort between Brussels Mobility, Mobilise (VUB) & Mpact, brought together 41 participants from governmental, public, private, and non-profit organisations.


During this afternoon of knowledge exchange, several presentations on the topic of (smart) mobility hubs and their transformative potential in urban mobility took place, concluding with an engaging expert panel.

Introduction to the SmartHubs project by Karst Geurs (University of Twente)

Copyright: Mobilise (VUB)

The event commenced with a guided walk through the heart of Brussels, from the mobility hubs of the Bourse square, stopping at De Brouckere and finishing at the Iris Tower, the premises of Brussels Mobility. The first presentation of Prof. Karst Geurs (University of Twente) introduced the Smarthubs project, and presented the SmartHubs integration ladder which considers the physical, digital and democratic integration of mobility hubs.


During the second presentation, Timothé Buen Aban (Brussels Mobility) unveiled the new strategy for mobility hubs in the Brussels Region. Participants were introduced to strategic frameworks and forward-thinking initiatives, highlighting the necessity for adaptive solutions to meet the diverse and evolving mobility needs of the region's inhabitants.


The third presentation focused on the inclusiveness of mobility hubs and the needs of vulnerable groups. Lluis Martinez (Mobilise, VUB) also explained the process developed in the urban living lab in Anderlecht (Brussels), issuing recommendations on how to involve vulnerable groups and co-create mobility hubs.

During the break and poster sessions, participants had the opportunity to explore and interact with SmartHubs tools. These interactive sessions allowed attendees to gain hands-on experience and insights into the practical applications of the tools.

The last presentation of the day, made by Anna Grigolon (University of Twente) and Roxani Gkavra (BOKU) offered new insights into the potential of mobility hubs to become game changers in transportation.


The event culminated in a dynamic panel discussion facilitated by Prof. Imre Keserü (Mobilise, VUB) featuring esteemed speakers: Timothé Buen Abad (Brussels Mobility), Jelten Baguet (Mpact), Martin Delens (STIB/MIVB), and Susanne Müller-Hübsch (Municipality of Anderlecht). The panel explored challenges and solutions related to the integration of mobility hubs into public spaces.

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Guided tour by Imre Keseru (VUB) and Jelten Baguet (Mpact) at Bourse station

Copyright: Mobilise (VUB)

The Smarthubs Stakeholders Workshop proved to be a vibrant platform for collaboration, learning, and envisioning a future where (smart) mobility hubs play a central role in fostering sustainable, inclusive, and efficient urban mobility systems. The event's success was a testament to the collective dedication of all participants, speakers and co-organisers, to whom the SmartHubs team extends its heartfelt gratitude.

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