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  • Comparative accessibility assessments for different user groups and available transport modes.

  • Different accessibility scenarios from the mobility hubs based on time costs depending on the mode and the social group under study.

  • Documented methodology for future implementations. 


  • Geospatial datasets:

    • Street network.​

    • Public transit schedule.

    • Demographic data.

  • Perceived accessibility by mode and user groups.

  • Catchment areas, in terms of time and/or costs, for different population segments.

  • Analysis based on Geographic Information System (GIS) using the data input.

  • Comparative analysis between sociodemographic groups with more or less accessibility to the mobility hubs.



  • After defining the location of the mobility hubs.

  • The analysis based on the data collection could also be used to assess different locations.


  • To evaluate the accessibility levels of the hub for different user groups and transport modes. 

  • To compare and visualize accessibility performance of the  mobility hubs

Accessibility tool

Accessibility tool_edited.jpg
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